The self-care guide for self-isolation

When I wrote about my 30before30 plans a few weeks ago, I didn’t for one min think that quarantine would be on that list.

Yet here we are.

Rewind back to early Feb and I’m laughing at memes on the internet about Coronavirus… It’s now 17th March and I’m still laughing at memes on the internet, just through gritted teeth and anxiety at the prospect of being locked in my flat for weeks/months to come. And just wanting this whole thing to end very soon. Continue reading

A new challenge…

You’ve heard of 30for30, but have you heard of 30before30? You have now…

Since turning 29 last November, and entering the new year/new decade, I’ve been doing that thing that you do where you look at your life and analyse it – comparing it to everyone else’s and thinking about all the things you haven’t done and ought to be doing.

I had a mini meltdown about turning the big 3-0 this year, which is ridiculous really. I have a good life and I do a lot with it. I’ve worked hard and I’m fortunate with what I’ve got. So why worry about age and what everyone else is doing? Continue reading

What I know about love

It’s been just over 4 months since my last blog. I’ve been meaning to get back into it and have had so many different topics come and go through my head. But I’m a top procrastinator… one of those people that always says that they are busy and tired – making excuses as to why I haven’t done something.

So none of those topics have so far landed. Until now..

A big topic I have been meaning to write about, is the wedding of my brother’s brother and his now lovely wife. Continue reading

Pain is just the French word for bread

Anyone keeping tabs on my life will notice that I ran another marathon but haven’t yet written about it… But with Love Island starting this coming Monday and taking over my evenings for the foreseeable future, I thought it was about time to get the words down on the blog.

The lead up and the sensory deprivation tank…

Unsurprisingly, I complained ALOT about the Paris marathon on the weeks leading up to it.

I was worried about a bit of hip pain and not doing enough training and I would talk to anyone that would listen about it. Continue reading

Always the runner, never the crowd

Over the past 18 months, I have participated in so many races in lots of different locations: on the road, in the countryside, on the beach, in a valley, round a racetrack, in a different country – you name it. But no matter where I have been, or whatever the weather, there has (pretty much) always been someone there to support me.

Even when friends or family couldn’t make it, there have been locals out and about, cheering runners on with signs of encouragement and handing out jelly babies. Blasting out music on their bluetooth speakers or cooling us down with their garden hoses when its been ridiculously hot outside. What excellent human beings.

So yesterday it was my turn… Continue reading

2019 flop prevention

OK, so it’s been a couple of months since I last blogged following the NY marathon and Adam’s 30th birthday. I said I would keep writing and running, but so far it hasn’t been going so well has it.

The problem is, since hounding people for charity donations for the 30for30 challenge, I don’t really know what to write about.

A lot goes on in my head, but it all seems pretty pointless writing about it without a sentence at the end to request some cash…

But now, as I sit here with zero plans apart from to do a 13mile training run, I’ve ran out of unnecessary things to do to waste my time. So I’ve ended up here… Continue reading

New York, New York: The grand finale

NYC marathon

Distance: Marathon
Date: 4th November
Supporting Runners: Jemma Love, Stephanie Mace, Rachel McCourty
Fundraising to date: £15,051 (including gift aid)
Finishing Time: 00:04:30:00

It’s been 1 week since I landed back from New York after the biggest, most important race of them all – the NYC marathon.

I’ve been putting off writing the blog, so much so that any followers that don’t have me on social media, may be wondering if I even completed the race…. spoiler alert, I did! Continue reading

Blogging on flight MT2848

My Post (1)

Race: Glow in the park
Distance: 5k
Date: 27th October
Supporting Runners: Jemma Love, Rachel McCourty, Christa Ntuli, Matt McCourty, Darren Nadin
Fundraising to date: £8,162
Finishing Time: 00:36:03

As I sit here ready to take off for NYC, flight socks at the ready (as recommended by physio) – I realise I now have 7 hours on this flight to whack out the blog for race number 29 – the glow in the park 5k. Continue reading