The blog has been published and the big idea is out there, 9 races have been entered and sponsorship has already come in before I have even ran my first mile(!!- thank you!). I am now facing my last official free weekend of the next 12 months but before the 30for30 challenge begins, I just wanted to write a bit more about the individual charities I have chosen to support – to give you an idea of why these charities mean so much to me and how any funds raised will be used to help them.The first is a small charity called Survivors of bereavement by suicide (SOBS).

SOBS is a support group that Mum started attending in July last year, 3months after losing Adam to suicide.

The Manchester group of around 20 people get together on the first Thursday of every month to discuss their personal experiences in a confidential yet comforting environment – to help each other and overcome the feeling of isolation that suicide bereavement can bring.

Losing someone to suicide leaves thoughts and feelings so complex that no one should have to face and go through alone. From sadness to anger, confusion to understanding, regret and guilt…

18 months on from losing Adam and these feelings are still there and pop up at any time, yet it is hard to randomly discuss with close ones when life is still going on as normal. Even Mum and I struggle to find a good time to open up to one another, so knowing that she has a place available to go to for as long as she needs, is so important.

Though I have never been to SOBS (we thought it was important for us all to have our own separate places to talk, and I chose to see a private counsellor), I have seen the way it has significantly helped Mum. There is not a time where she has been and regretted going. Even the times when she has felt like she can’t face it, I have encouraged her to go as those are the times when it can really make a difference.

Through SOBS, Mum has made new friends and has even attended a suicide bereavement conference to listen to other inspirational stories and gain further support.

Money raised for SOBS Manchester will help them to continue and grow the support group and fund any further activities that provide the vital opportunity for people to meet with others who have been bereaved by suicide.

SOBS will receive 20% of the overall 30for30 fundraisingVisit fundraising page >>

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