Christmas jumpers in November…

Christmas pudding 5mile

Race: Christmas Pudding 5mile, Wythenshawe Park
Distance: 5miles
Date: 26th November 2017
Supporting Runners: Jemma Love
Fundraising to date: £814
Finishing Time: 00:50:59

On Friday, we were sat in a blow dry bar in town getting pampered and ready to spend a day drinking overpriced cocktails. This morning, Jemma and I were ankle-deep in some of the worst running conditions I have experienced. Quite a different turn of events. 

The 3rd run of 30for30 was a Christmas themed, 5mile race in Wythenshawe park across field, mud and path. This was one of the races planned a while ago that I thought I would be doing on my own. HOWEVER, my good friend and colleague, Jemma, stepped up to the mark around 2days ago, and I am so pleased that she did…

When looking at what races were available in November, I’m not sure how I missed the less muddier options today that would have been the Wilmslow 10k or the Salford Ladies 5.25miles… Instead I pulled out the festive jumper (despite not feeling one bit festive yet), and the jingle bell hair bobbles to plod around in.

Other runners making more effort with the festive theme…

The race started at 11am (much better for my love of sleep), and consisted of 2 laps around the different terrain, my favourite bit being the nice, mud-less path.

We did very well and enjoyed it once we had warmed up and got into it…until lap 2 when it felt like we were being stabbed in the face with icy rain drops, at which point Jemma shouted “WHAT ARE WE DOING THIS FOR” to the reply of a fellow runner “THE MINCE PIES”

IMG_3231Mum in a preferable position with the umbrella

All moans about the mud and running conditions aside, it was really good to experience a different style of running and make sure that every race of the 30 is different, that is the whole point of a challenge after all…

In the end we ran over the finish line in 00:50:59 and were given another nice medal, a christmas pudding and a mince pie which in Jemma’s words were “dripping wet and soaked in sweat”…so we didn’t eat those. Didn’t stop me from coming home and having a nice, well deserved cup of tea and a mince pie fresh from the cupboard though 😋

It was amazing again to have someone else running with me, I’m so lucky that people are willing to get up on their weekends in miserable weather and take on a challenge with me. I don’t think I would have enjoyed this one the same without Jemma!


Once again, thanks to everyone who has sponsored this week! Coming next week is a 5k race in a full ‘one size fits all’ Santa suit accompanied with Santa beard, which should be amusing. Maybe by then I will feel more festive…

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