Festive dogs and naked santas


Race: Liverpool 5k Santa Dash
Distance: 5km
Date: 3rd December 2017
Supporting Runners: Becki Hall
Fundraising to date: £820
Finishing Time: 00:29:36

3 weekends in to the 30for30 challenge and it may seem like I will have all of the races done in no time. I am trying to cram in as many as I can this side of Christmas as there isn’t a lot going on in January and February, and I didn’t really fancy standing around in those typically cold and snowy months. HOWEVER it seems that I needn’t have worried…!

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 16.55.20

Yesterday, my thoughtful friend Mel came over to hand deliver this AMAZING personalised (and really cosy) hoodie for me to wear on my travels! ❤️

And so this morning when my alarm went off at 6:30am, and I began getting ready for the 4th race, I grabbed this to put on until I had to swap it for an extremely unflattering, ‘one-size-fits-all’ Santa suit.


Yes…Today’s run, my colleague and good friend Becki joined me to run 5km in Liverpool with thousands of other Santas in what is known as the biggest Santa dash in the WORLD! This morning it seemed an effort to travel all of that way just for 5k, but it was 100% worth it and I can see why it attracts so many people.

As we drove into Liverpool city centre, the odd Santa was popping up here and there, dressed in red or blue suits (something to do with football?!). We finally found a car park amongst the road closures and it soon became quite apparent that we were in the right place…

img_0031.jpgSantas everywhere…

And this was just the start of it. I can’t even describe the scenes and photos don’t even do it justice! THOUSANDS of santas:

Walking santas, running santas, red, blue, purple santas, adult santas, pram santas, dog santas, wheelchair santas, full family of santas, t-rex santas, mexican santas, naked santas, disney santas, gothic santas, stop half way round for a pint santas. I loved it! 

After about 1mile, Becki asked me “what would Adam think now if he could see you doing this?” and to be honest, I REALLY don’t know. Probably find it ridiculous and hilarious and just like me, love all of the little doggos dressed up and question why I didn’t invite Mr Chips 🐶


It was one of my favourites up to now and really got me in the festive spirit. I can’t imagine anyone did that race today and left feeling unhappy. It wasn’t about pace or fitness, it was just thousands of people getting ready for Christmas. Definitely one to revisit.

Big thanks to Becki Hall for suggesting this race and coming along with me. 4 down….26 to go! 



Visit the Virgin Giving fundraising page to find out more >>

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