The secret to a good run…

Heaton Park 10k (1)

Race: Heaton Park 10k
Distance: 10k
Date: 4th February 2018
Supporting Runners: n/a
Fundraising to date: £1,550
Finishing Time: 00:55:28

There seems to be a recurring pattern in all of my race blogs so far:

  1. wake up
  2. dread it
  3. complain
  4. run
  5. do better than expected
  6. feel great
  7. buzz for the next race

And there is absolutely no exception for Sunday’s race…race number nine(!)

I knew when starting this challenge that races would end up clashing with life events and big nights out, and it would just be something I had to deal with as and when it comes.

The evening before this particular race happened to be a night out for 2 of my best pal’s birthdays. I had every intention of keeping it low key and getting to bed way before midnight, fully hydrated… But 5 drinks in and my feelings of “f**k it, I’m young and can do anything”, were out in full force and I was doing shots and drinking espresso martinis when I had planned to get my 8hours kip 🙄

And it was GREAT.

I wasn’t feeling as much when my alarm went at 7am the next day and my head was absolutely banging with a 10km to face.

On the way to Heaton Park, I had my usual complaints to Mum. Each race we have the same conversation where Mum asks “which is your fave so far”, to which I always struggle to answer. But this time the answer was simple: NOT THIS ONE. 

The race:

I’ve never been to Heaton Park before and if I had and experienced the hills, I probably wouldn’t have signed up.

The day consisted of a 5k, 10k and half marathon. I opted for the 10k which was 2 laps of the 5k route.

The weather was lovely – cold, but clear blue skies. Pretty good for clearing a hangover… About 2km in I was easing into it. Just in time to face a MONSTER hill at 3km.

After that section, I only realised I had to do it again but what came next made it all better. 2-3mins of solid downhill speed (can’t have been good for the knees)..

IMG_1344“general waste” – cheers mum 📷

I see so many inspirational people raising money for different charities on all of these races. During this race, I saw a young lad in a wheelchair, racing for a spinal injury charity. I passed him on the 2nd lap at the same steep hill and just thought how bloody tough it looked and how inspirational he was – a reminder that life is hard, full of all different challenges and tragedies. Then, a few mins later, he was passing me at speed on the downhill straight… Made me smile.

I crossed the finish line in 55:28 – I think that is my best 10k time I have done during a race?!

What a surprise, I was so happy and even saying it was one of my faves so far.

So, the secret to a good run? Espresso martinis at midnight and not putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve the BEST time.

It was a very well organised event and Heaton Park was so much nicer than I had imagined. I think they do the same event throughout the year. I won’t be revisiting as part of 30for30 but I’d highly recommend:

Talking of well organised events…..

My ex work-BFF (Hannah Brooks) and I, are organising our very own race to mark the start of the second half of 30for30.

Race number 16 will be a 5k and 10k race from the Brooks’ residency in Nantwich on the 29th April 2018. There will also be cake sales and other charity bits and bobs.

We thought it would a great idea to put together a different method of fundraising instead of people just paying out to sponsor my mileage…

If you want to get involved – whether walk, jog or run – you can sign up here:

The 5k is £5 and the 10k is £10, with funds going straight to the donation page after the event. Spaces are limited so read more and register via the above link if you would like to participate!

Alternatively, if you would like to sponsor then you can do so here.

Big thanks once again to everyone who has sponsored and to everyone who is following the blog ❤️

I can’t believe that as of this Saturday, we will be a third of the way through.

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