Dancing in the rain


Race: ChocAthlon
Distance: 9km
Date: 7th April 2018
Supporting Runners: Jemma Love, Rob Jones, Tom Kharchi
Fundraising to date: £1,885
Finishing Time: Somewhere around 1 hour 20mins?

Once again I am late to complete the write up for my latest run. I had a very busy weekend celebrating a friends engagement, nursing a particularly bad hangover and staying up ridiculously late to watch WrestleMania 🤔 .. Which now leaves me writing this blog on what happens to be “National Sibling Day”. So what can I quickly say about siblings before I get into the race stuff?

If you’ve grown up with brothers or sisters, you will be aware of the sibling rivalry faced as kids… Who has the best things, who is the best at everything, who is smarter, who is faster etc. Everything turns into a bit of (friendly?!) competition.

Last week I managed the biggest achievement of them all… I lived the longest. 27years, 4months, 3weeks and 4days. The young age at which Adam passed away. Ridiculously too young.

I was dreading this feeling…and on the lead up, it was tough to consider the differences in my life now and think to what Adam would have been going through at this exact age. The difference in our mental states and how now I am classed as the older sibling?! It was a strange thought that I discussed with my friends and Mum and moved on from…

Despite losing my oldest friend and brother, Adam’s memory lives on past his years. He will always be my older brother ❤️ And which is why it is important to do this challenge to mark his 30th and raise money for these charities to help other young men in situations similar to Adam’s, to prevent them leaving their siblings behind.


Now on to the race!

A wise man once told me “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It is about learning to dance in the rain”… And that wise man was Rob Jones…On the way to Huddersfield last Saturday for race number 13 when it was absolutely tipping it down.

Those of you that have been keeping up with the blog may remember the infamous “Piathlon” that Tom and I did in December…

This race, by the same organisers, was a similar concept but with chocolate stations on the way round. How could we resist?

I am known at work for being a bit of a ‘pacman’ eg. I go around just eating everything. If someone has chocolate on their desk, I am there. It is a bit of a running joke with Tom and I, hence his appearance on these food related races.

I gathered the gang mid morning after being pleasantly surprised that this race started at 1pm, and off we went with flapjacks as car snacks.

Rob’s inspirational quote – which I presume he got off Instagram – came at a time on the car journey where Jemma, Tom and I were complaining about the miserable conditions we were about to face on the hills that afternoon.

I know I always seem to have a weather complaint, but honestly it was really bad. Especially considering the race pictures from last year looked really nice and Spring-like.

Waiting around in the rain.

The showers miraculously stopped 30seconds in to the race start. But it was too late for the mud on the top of the hills which made it impossible to run on.

The race was 9km up and down, with amazing views which we loved. It was different and challenging- quite nice not to run the whole thing so we could have a chat and sing the Rocky theme tune at Rob.


IMG_2268.JPGMid-way photo opportunity

Once again it was great fun and we all enjoyed it despite the initial complaints.

IMG_2249.jpegAll the chocolate

We ended the trip with a nice pint and pub lunch closer to home with one of the newest 30for30 superfans:

IMG_2264Raffa Benitez Love

Massive thanks to Rob, Jemma and Tom for giving up their Saturday to run around in muddy hills.

If you would like to sponsor us, you can visit the donation page here: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/EmmaBramwell2

What are you doing on 29th April?

The 30for30 5k and 10k fun run is taking place on Sunday 29th April and I am keen to get as many people signed up as possible!

This will mark the 15th race (half way point) of the challenge and will be taking place in Nantwich (address to be confirmed once signed up and info ready to go).

The race is organised by myself and Hannah Brooks to maximise fundraising and do something a bit different instead of just gaining sponsorship for running myself.

It is £5 for the 5k and £10 for the 10k with all proceeds going to the 3 charities of the 30for30 cause.

It is a fun event so feel free to sign up if you wish to walk, jog or run!

Please find out more and register here >>

If you are thinking of taking part, please sign up as soon as you can.

Get in touch if you have any questions…

Thanks for following the blog…

Always remember…


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