Start spreading the news…

New York, New York

4th May – a really important day. Not only is it Star Wars day to all you intergalactic movie fans, but it also marks 2 years to the date since I attended Adam’s funeral and now the big 6month countdown to the grand finale of the 30for30 challenge.After a really successful fun run at the weekend to push us over the half way line of the challenge, there is no better time to now officially announce my worst kept secret…

On 4th November 2018 – for the last race of the challenge – myself, along with Jemma Love, Rachel McCourty and Stephanie Mace, will be taking on the NEW YORK MARATHON!!!

How did this happen?!

I knew that if I were to ever be crazy enough to attempt a marathon, it would be this year as part of this challenge.

After being declined a place on the London marathon (along with half of the country), I started to think of where else I would want to run for that length of time. No offence to Manchester, but it just didn’t cut it for me.

My brain naturally drew me to New York and I started to think of how amazing it would be to have this race as the big finisher… I needed to make this happen.

I came across Sports Tours International which offered packages that included guaranteed entry. I considered the expense for about 2 hours one Friday back in November, asking anyone who would listen what they thought..and in a moment of impulse I’d signed up. When else/why else would I get this opportunity, and to add it to this big challenge. It was a no brainer.

Fast forward another 2 hours and Jemma was all over it. And after sleeping on it over the weekend, I got a lovely message from Rachel who had signed up too! This is incredible and I was just so overwhelmed and grateful for the support – that people were willing to do this challenge with me, pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones, in memory of Adam ❤️

Not only that, but our friend, Darren, has signed up to come and spectate!

The cheerleaders also booked their flights straight away… To have Mum and Andy there in New York with us all (a place we have never been but which Adam loved) – all going well it will be the best end to a huge challenge.

So enough about the emotional stuff, what about actually running 26.2 miles?! 

None of us have ever ran this distance before and it will be a big big challenge and achievement for us all. We are naturally all really nervous but quietly cracking on with our individual training and will hopefully do some group runs on the lead up. 6 months have passed since we signed up…now 6months to the big day. Eek.

I’ll give updates with how we are getting on throughout my blogs… Along with 15 more races to complete as well, there will be a whole lot of running going on. Let’s just hope for no injuries!

We will all be hammering the sponsorship to raise as much as we can by November for MIND, SOBS and Mental Health Research. If you’d like to sponsor any of us, then we are doing so through the 30for30 fundraising page here >>

It goes without saying with every blog, but a big thank you to everyone who has donated since the fun run last weekend. I still need to add the registration money when that comes through to my bank but we are now over £3,000 which is just amazing.


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