The big countdown and the year long procrastination

one month

This time next month (ignoring time differences), I’ll be forcing myself to go to sleep in a hotel room somewhere in Time Square. I’d have carb loaded myself silly and annoyed everyone by stressing out about anything and everything for the next day… The New York marathon… race number 30.

How have we got to this position? One month to go but longing for more time…

We signed up for this almost 1 year ago – with all the time in the world to train. You’d think that after running 29 other races in the year, I’d feel completely ready for this.

Here’s the problem:

  • I got through my school and college days by doing assignments on the last min
  • I return things the day before the receipt says you’re allowed to
  • After numerous reminders to renew my car insurance in the past month, I sorted it the day it ran out 2 days ago
  • On my recent holiday, I wanted to finish reading a book – on some days it took me 3 hours to even pick the thing up
  • I wanted to write this blog tonight and get an early night… It’s now 10:20pm because I decided to watch The Apprentice instead

I am a master procrastinator – and I know I’m not the only one… Watch this Ted talk if you’re a top procrastinator too, you’ll like it:

The problem is – there are a lot more fun things to do than training for a marathon, like:

  • Going on holiday
  • Drinking with friends
  • Shopping
  • Having lie ins
  • Sitting down and having a break
  • Well needed ‘me time’

You get the point…

It’s been a great year, but panic mode set in a few weeks ago when I decided enough is enough and this was it… time for increased mileage.

This didn’t go to plan as I was then affected by the common cold/horrendous virus that has been going around. I begrudgingly had to cancel my planned ‘longest run yet’ and just try to get better. Health is more important after all.

After that, I had a little 5-night break to Sicily (courtesy of my 7 year work anniversary!), where I took my running stuff but decided against it due to the hills/steps everywhere… and because all I wanted to do was drink wine and eat pasta.


Back now… with a revised plan.

Holiday: The stairs and the book (which I finished)

So where are we up to with just one month to go?

There’s been quite a few exciting things going on. It’s time to stop procrastinating and go full steam ahead in this once-in-a-lifetime challenge (I won’t be doing this again) – to make it all worthwhile and raise as much money as possible.

  • Thanks to a lot of kind supporters, we have hit £5k but there is a lot more we can raise
  • I am doing ‘Stoptober’ – not one drop of alcohol until the big day (I know, I’m not happy about it either)
  • You may see 30for30 pop up in different online publications. Last week we appeared in The Counsellor’s Cafe
  • I have been asked if I would be interested in appearing on a podcast to talk about the challenge (more info to follow if that happens) 
  • Work are hosting a charity day for us on the 26th October which is great, where we will all be doing a 1km fun (lol)
  • More guest blogs to come from friends of Adam’s and other runners

As more and more people have picked up reading my blog since I first announced the challenge, I thought it would be useful to pull on the heart strings a bit and remind people why I picked the 3 charities that I did. These are interesting reads and really close to my heart, so please take a look:

Why am I funding for:

  1. MIND 
  2. Mental Health Research UK
  3. Survivors of bereavement through suicide 

There is still also time to get involved. The penultimate race is a 5km ‘Glow in the park’ race, which is in the night time the week before the marathon. Sign up if you would like to be a part of the 30for30 challenge.

In the big month countdown, please sponsor where you can and spread the word far and wide:

..Or generally just wish us all luck… I think we will need it 😨

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