A Poem for Brammers [Guest blog]

Jemma & Steph

2 blogs in a day… what a treat.

I am back from the 19(ish) mile training run and crumpled the post-it note up and chucked it in the bin (read previous blog for context)

16.4 of these miles were with my lovely friends Jemma and Steph who are 2/4 of the NYC marathoners.

Before we set off on the lengthy feat, Jemma and Steph told me how they’d stayed up the night before, writing a very special poem for a guest blog 😍

Quick disclaimer for anyone that knows Adam as Brammers – this poem is in fact for me 💁‍♀️ (sorry bro, I stole your nickname)

A Poem for Brammers.

This ain’t no Iambic pentameter

It’s a verse about 42.195 kilometre(s)

Why are doing this, we hear you ask

It’s certainly not for fun

26 miles on our toenail-less feet is literally a bloody task

The New York City Marathon

Is the final challenge of 30for30

It’s long, it’s scary and without a doubt it will be very hurty

We’ve had a year to train for this and do some proper fundraising

But as usual we’ve left it all to the last minute

Which is why this poem isn’t that amazing

Ask us on a Sunday and we’ll tell you that training on a hangover is tricky

Ask us on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

And our attitude is still bit dicky

A marathon FFS, it is ridiculously long

Although Jemma is in luck as Steph will have

Over four hours to recite that ‘Close To You’ Carpenters’ song.

Our preparation has not been all that steadfast

But there has been evidence of will

Jemma now has an e-cigarette

And student Steph took to smoking dill

But hey this all seems like we’re moaning

Around that we ask you to cast a modicum of doubt

In actual fact this “poem’s” intention

Is to give our mate Brammers the biggest shout out

For many of you this is the first time reading Emma’s wonderful blog

She’s run 30 races in memory of her brother

In snow, fancy dress, facing bird attacks, and with Mr Chips her dog.

She’s ran a Pie-athlon, the Great North Run and navigated a sign-less Bollin Valley walk

To raise awareness about men’s mental health

And how important it is to just talk

She’s so dedicated to this mission but she hates asking people for money

But we don’t mind, so click on the link below

And support us on our New York runny


Thank you beautiful girls for your poem and dedication ❤️ I can’t wait to complete the marathon with you next month.

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