World Mental Health Day

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If you follow me (or any of the NYC marathon runners) on social media, you’ll see that we’ve been pretty busy on the promo today.

There’s been a few exciting things happening in light of World Mental Health Day, and I wanted to keep blog followers updated.

On Sunday, after the long training run and quick trip to the pub, I spoke with Jen from Standard Issue and recorded a short clip for their podcast.

Standard Issue was created by comedian, Sarah Millican, and was a magazine for women, by women. The magazine is now an online podcast with thousands of listeners weekly.

As you can imagine, I was quite excited about telling the 30for30 story to such a wide audience.

During recording, I was quite nervous. I think it is safe to say that public speaking isn’t my bag and I should stick to writing. But Jen’s editing skills must be quite great as the recording turned out alright and I have been sharing it all day, remembering that the end goal is to spread the word.

You can listen to my section of the podcast here:

Also today, my story has been kindly shared on This Girl Is On Fire blog – a place for women to talk, listen, inspire and share. You can read this along with other stories and articles surrounding Mental Health Day here >>

I’m really proud to say that we have raised a total of £370 today. Which is pretty huge just in one day.

You’ll have probably seen lots of different images and quotes all over the internet since waking up this morning – raising awareness for mental health and encouraging people to talk. It’s amazing that people are now so open to share experiences and speak so openly about it. But it’s important to remember this everyday, not just today.

Thank you for everyone who is continuing to read my blog and for all kind donations.

This weekend is race number 27, the Manchester Half Marathon where I will be running 7 miles to the start line to make this a 20mile training run 😦

To continue donating and raising money for these wonderful charities, please visit:

How to get advice or talk if you need to

116 123 

Samaritans – available 24 hours a day. 

0300 123 3393 

Mind Infoline – 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday. 

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