March madness part 1: Bram Vs Snow

13.1 miles.png

Race: Wilmslow half marathon
Distance: 13.1 miles
Date: 18th March 2018
Supporting Runners: N/a
Fundraising to date: £1,710
Finishing Time: 01:59:56

It’s been 6 weeks since race number 10 and lots of anticipation and prep for the 2nd half marathon of the 30for30 challenge.

I’ve never ran Wilmslow half marathon before, and I was quick to sign up for this one having heard good things about it. I’d also planned to run 2 half marathons in March, in a bid to make things a little more impressive for the fund raising side of things… Continue reading

Old faces, new races

Tatton Park 10k.png

Race: Tatton Park 10k
Distance: 10km
Date: 10th February 2018
Supporting Runners: Nanci Henderson & Jemma Love
Fundraising to date: £1,600
Finishing Time: 00:57:43

Hip hip hooray, a third of the way! 🎉

It’s Saturday morning (just) and I am back home after getting up and running 10km in the wind and icy rain for race number TEN. Feeling pretty damn good.  Continue reading

The secret to a good run…

Heaton Park 10k (1)

Race: Heaton Park 10k
Distance: 10k
Date: 4th February 2018
Supporting Runners: n/a
Fundraising to date: £1,550
Finishing Time: 00:55:28

There seems to be a recurring pattern in all of my race blogs so far:

  1. wake up
  2. dread it
  3. complain
  4. run
  5. do better than expected
  6. feel great
  7. buzz for the next race

And there is absolutely no exception for Sunday’s race…race number nine(!)Continue reading

Battle of the sexes

The Three Halls of Stockport

Race: 3 Halls of Stockport
Distance: 10miles
Date: Sunday 21st January 2018
Supporting Runners: Abby Kay, Jonny Fletcher, Matt Oldfield
Fundraising to date: £1,490
Finishing Time: 01:53:40

Whilst the back ends of storm Fionn were creating blizzards in and around Cheadle and Bramhall this morning, there were 2 teams of very freezing cold ‘runners’ battling to win the 3 Halls of Stockport 10 mile race.  Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Christmas

Worden Park Boxing Day 10k.png

Race: Worden Park Boxing Day 10k
Distance: 10k
Date: 26th December 2017
Supporting Runners: NA
Fundraising to date: £1,060
Finishing Time: 00:56:24

6 races in and I have already broken my one rule of publishing the race write up blog on the day of the event… But hey, it’s Christmas and I’ve been busy doing other important things such as eating, drinking, sleeping and watching films that don’t take too much concentration. It’s been a great few days and I hope everyone reading this has done much of the same. Continue reading