Choo Choo: Race the train


Race: Race the train (Bury to Rawtenstall)
Distance: 10.4 miles
Date: 10th June 2018
Supporting Runners: N/A
Fundraising to date: £3,650
Finishing Time: 01:47:43

It’s taken me a good few days to get over this race so apologies again for the delay in the write up.

But before I discuss the torture that was ‘Race the Train’, I wanted to discuss some exciting 30for30 news…

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Dancing in the rain


Race: ChocAthlon
Distance: 9km
Date: 7th April 2018
Supporting Runners: Jemma Love, Rob Jones, Tom Kharchi
Fundraising to date: £1,885
Finishing Time: Somewhere around 1 hour 20mins?

Once again I am late to complete the write up for my latest run. I had a very busy weekend celebrating a friends engagement, nursing a particularly bad hangover and staying up ridiculously late to watch WrestleMania 🤔 .. Which now leaves me writing this blog on what happens to be “National Sibling Day”.  Continue reading

March madness part 1: Bram Vs Snow

13.1 miles.png

Race: Wilmslow half marathon
Distance: 13.1 miles
Date: 18th March 2018
Supporting Runners: N/a
Fundraising to date: £1,710
Finishing Time: 01:59:56

It’s been 6 weeks since race number 10 and lots of anticipation and prep for the 2nd half marathon of the 30for30 challenge.

I’ve never ran Wilmslow half marathon before, and I was quick to sign up for this one having heard good things about it. I’d also planned to run 2 half marathons in March, in a bid to make things a little more impressive for the fund raising side of things… Continue reading