City2Surf – By Oli Gallagher


Last week, one of Adam’s close friends, Oliver Gallagher, took part in City2Surf all the way over in Sydney, Australia to be a part of the 30for30 challenge. I am sure you will all agree that this is absolutely amazing that a race on the other side of the world has been done in memory of Adam.

Oli has kindly written some words about his run and memories of Adam. Thank you so much Oli – this means the world to us. ❤️

Words from Oli:

So, after watching Emma at the start of the year initiating and taking part in the incredible 30for30 challenge I was gutted I couldn’t run with her and take part due to moving to the other side of the world. So with City2Surf only being one week away I decided last minute to sign up for it and run the 14km.

With a bad knee and zero training I managed only to run 7km before my knee f****d me over, so with the other 7km remaining I had to hobble / limp the rest of the way.

I could have easily just stopped, but with Brammers and Emma’s challenge in mind I pushed through in pain and completed it. The daunting hobbling final 7km gave me time to think about Brammers (like I do everyday) and all the times we had together over 15 years.


Getting cheered on my countless bystanders, 90,000 other runners, kids offering sweets and cookies and loads of cute dogs to pet along the way, it turned out to be the best part of the race.

I know if Brammers came to Sydney and joined the race he would have snapchatted the whole thing, causing chaos for content and keeping me in stitches laughing for the whole way.


I only managed half a race so with Emma doing 30 I can’t express the huge amount of respect I have for her and know Brammers would be so so proud of every step she does and to finish the final one at the New York marathon for his 30th is just incredible, let alone all the money she is raising for MIND, SOBS and Mental Health Research, and help towards mental health awareness.

Image (1)

With male suicide rate being at an all time high I would advise anyone feeling anxious, depressed, suicidal to talk to their best friends / Mental Health professional about it.

I love reading Emma’s blogs and can’t wait for her to cross that finish line in New York. I’m back at Christmas for 2 weeks so I look forward to having a catch up with Emma, Sue, Andy and Alan.

Go smash those final few races Emma! Brammers will be looking down bursting with pride ❤️

Image-2 (1)

Well done Oli! You did amazing and I am sure Adam would be very proud of you for living the dream in Australia and doing this race in his memory.

If anyone would like to sponsor, please visit:

Another of Adam’s friends, John Atkinson, is taking part of the 3 peaks challenge this weekend with support group ‘MenTell’. A couple of months ago, John read up about MenTell on the 30for30 blog and went along to the group and has since worked to help spread the word about the group and raise awareness. Please check out more about The MenTell Movement here

Good luck guys!!

Anyway, I am off to run 5k with Mr Chips for race number 25! Will report back on that and the Sale Sizzler races later on this week 🙂


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