A nice surprise…


Last night, I returned to my flat fully prepped for an early night ready for this morning’s training run.

I checked my post and there was a small parcel there waiting. I wondered what it was – what have I ordered now?! Only a Coop membership card and it didn’t look like that…

I walked up to the flat playing the guessing game – I felt a pen and perhaps a notepad. I couldn’t remember what I’d ordered.

I was defeated – and opened it wondering what on Earth it could be.

I pulled out a number of items:

  • Sharpie pens
  • Post-it notes
  • Face masks
  • Cards

What was this?!

In the week, my friend Laura messaged me about activities for New York.

(Laura has booked to come to New York to watch the marathon!)

I told her that I hadn’t even had a chance to think about the fun side of NYC – and I’d have to look into it. We had a little chat and I told her I’d felt a bit ‘here, there and everywhere’ and just not had time to think about certain things.

It was nice to vent and she told me about what she does when she feels a bit overwhelmed.

We ended our little chat and I thought that was that.

Laura had sent me a little self care package – the face masks to chill out and take some time out, the post it notes with tips to organise my life, and a lovely little note ❤️

The little surprise parcel made me feel two things:

    A reminder to slow down, prioritise and take care of yourself
    The importance of thoughtfulness

The other day in work, we were talking about being thoughtful. My question: “do you ever just do something and think wow that was so thoughtful” (lol)

This sparked a little bit of a debate of the most thoughtful thing we’d done and how it made us feel at the time.

This sounds a bit obvious – shouldn’t we be kind and thoughtful all of the time? And shouldn’t we take care of ourselves all of the time?

Well yes – but too often we live our every day lives, being busy and doing the same things.

Sometimes one small thoughtful act can make someone’s day and turn that little bit of stress into happiness.

Anyway – I’m in a rush to get out for this run.. but I just wanted to share this little act of kindness because it made my evening. When I returned to my dark flat worried about this run the next day.

What was your last act of kindness? ❤️

So I’ve just written 19mile run on a post-it note and hopefully in about 3 hours I’ll be scrunching it up and throwing it in the bin. If you’d like to sponsor this madness, please visit: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/EmmaBramwell2

One thought on “A nice surprise…

  1. Rachel says:

    Such a thoughtful thing to do! It’s so lovely to receive post which gives you that feeling of excitement and anticipation and makes your day! My last act of kindness was sending a rose bush (“Thomas à becket”) to my friend when her 20 year old cat, Thomas had passed away. She loves her garden and now has something beautiful to remind her of him. It doesn’t take much time or money to shine a bright spot into a friends life and remind them someone is thinking of them. xx


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